Custom Design

 Custom Jewelry is our specialty here at Pavé Fine Jewelry. We love to create unique designs inspired by our customer’s wants and needs. It’s the art of incorporating your ideas with our design expertise that makes each experience so rewarding.

 Custom jewelry is not for everybody and certainly not for every jeweler. It takes a good jeweler to create a well made piece of jewelry from start to finish. It takes an exceptional jeweler to guarantee your satisfaction. Pavé Fine Jewelry is the only custom jeweler in town with a happiness guarantee on all of our custom jewelry.

 Pavé has the advantage of having a designer on-site who specializes in wax carving, a master jeweler skilled in hand fabrication techniques as well as the current technology of computer aided design and manufacturing. With all of these methods at our fingertips there is nothing we can't do when it comes to custom design. 

Custom Design Process

Custom Design Frequently Asked Question

Custom Design Happiness Guarantee